My kid poops at Sport Chek, and The Economist

Today I learned:
1. My kids poops at Sport Chek: I have taken my four year old to Sport Chek five times in her life and everytime she runs for the public washroom telling me she needs to poop. Based on today I now think it is ingrained in her, like some sort of Pavlovian response.  It’s better than prunes.  If the kid has any problems with regularity down the road I will just take her shopping.
2. The Economist: Since completing my MBA last spring I have had a bulls-eye painted on my forehead that every marketeer trying to flog a magazine subscription has been aiming for. With the unrealistic belief that I should now have lots of time for periodicals I have fallen for just about all of them too. It puts me in an odd spot – at work I try to stay as paper free, while my home is cluttered with magazine after magazine, and most get barely more than a quick glance. The only exception is The Economist. It doesn’t get read at all.
At then end of the day though, it is the only one I wouldn’t give up. I stream the audio version from my phone while driving and peruse the online version during lunch and at night.  If I had to pick one (and as soon as the renewal letters come I will), it is the only one I would keep.

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