Pocket Espresso to Go and A Lesson from Gonzo

Today I learned:
1. Is that a Shot of Espresso in your Pocket?: On a trip to Italy  two years ago I discovered a weakness for Pocket Espresso to Go. My love for the team at Ferrero grew further today when I got the chance to sample the chocolatey version of their product.
This lead me to conclude I love all related espresso products that fit comfortably and safely in my pocket.  Unfortunately I also learned it is not easily imported to Canada, and worse yet (according to this fellow blogger and Pocket Coffee aficionado) the espresso version is not made in winter. Madness. What could be better in winter than sipping espresso on demand, straight from your pants? Anyone visiting Italy this summer?
2. Super-Gonzo: After watching The Muppets movie on the weekend, today at the breakfast table our four year old proudly announced “Gonzo can fly because he wears a cape.” This gave me a vivid flashback of myself on a bright summer day in the early 80’s, worn out blue velvet cape billowing in the breeze, and proudly perched on the railing of my sundeck. Like father, like daughter? Let’s hope not.
There are some lesson parents can teach kids, and there are some things kids need to learn for themselves. I better keep a keen eye on the deck closely this year to help make this lesson the former, not the later.

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