It’s the shoes plus a DRIP Problem

Today I learned:

1. It’s the shoes: Well, it’s the shoes for today at least.

Our daughter was not exactly enamoured with dance class yesterday. The shift from free-form play in previous classes to a “big girl” class with a bit of structure appeared to put her off. By the end she was pretty clear she didn’t want anymore of it.

I learned how to solve the problem today though, at least temporarily. We bought her dance shoes.

Resorting to bribery has her absolutely ecstatic about her next class. She begged mommy to practice her moves this evening. Tears one day, and sleeping with her dance shoes on then next. For the short-term at least, dance class remains a highlight on the activity list. The only question that remains is this: When I will learn that correcting behaviour with a bribe is a very, very bad idea?

2. A DRIP Problem: While meeting with a vendor today the term DRIP came up. Data Rich, Information Poor.  In the world of  I.T. where it sometimes feels like there are acronyms for acronyms, this stands out as a good one. It certainly fit the issue we were discussing and with work in the insurance industry I suspect I will find ample opportunity to use it again. We are never short of data, but getting good information is a completely different story. Reflecting on this differentiation helped provide me with a simple reminder of where to spend my time and resources.  Getting the numbers is the easy part.  Meaningful analysis is far more valuable.


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