Why I won’t hire you and Girls’ toys suck

Today I learned:

1. Why I won’t hire you:  I read a great blog post on hiring today that echos many of my opinions on the subject.  While I agree with quite a few of the points in the post, it made me reflect on other things I look for in a candidate. For me, there are a few additional things:

  • You treat me differently than the receptionist: When you leave the first thing I do is ask her how you acted on your arrival, before I showed up. If you showed me more respect than you showed her it me gives a good sense of how you really treat people.
  • Your resume sucks: You can’t spell. You can summarize accomplishments. You can succinctly tell me what your skills are. If you can’t create a professional document given no time limit, I assume this will carry over when time limits are applied.
  • You know nothing about where I work: If you haven’t done your leg work to know who is interviewing you and what our company is like, I assume you will take short cuts in your work too.
  • You don’t ask me questions: This means meaningful questions that help me understand what is important to you in the selection process and not basic things like “what are the hours?” I want to know you have put some thought into this and you aren’t just flying by the seat of your pants.

2. Girls’ toys suck: While replaying the day at the dinner table the other night, my daughter expressed an interest in Lego. This led me to do some research into what kinds of products Lego is making these days. I was familiar already with some pretty cool stuff, like Super Hero and Star Wars products that my nephews are addicted to. I was excited to see what I could find for my daughter.

It turns out girls’ toys suck. Or at least, in my humble opinion lego for girls sucks.

With hundreds of creative products for boys, all they seem to have managed for girls are things like a beauty shop, doll house, and bakery.  At least give me a pink doctors office or something that I can work with her on to aspire towards, rather than a weak knock off of Barbie’s convertible.


Fluent in Smurf and a LinkedIn Fail

Today I learned:

1.  Fluent in Smurf: It turns out my 4 year old is a whizz at picking up new languages.  I watched the Smurf’s movie with her the other day and tonight at dinner she asked me to smurf her a cookie.  At least she didn’t tell me to smurf off when I told her she need to smurf down her noodles first.

Trolling on LinkedIn: Every few weeks I get an unsolicited connection request from someone I have never met or even heard of on LinkedIn.  Typcially they have “Job Seeker” in the headline. Rather than ignoring these requests my response is always the same. I send an email back with the following:

Hello <name>,

I apologize, but I don’t recall if we have met.  Can you please refresh my memory?



Prior to today, not one person has ever responded – not even a “Sorry, I was just hoping for an introduction as I am looking for work in your field.”  I finally got a response today: “Sorry, I think I hit ‘connect’ by accident.”

Bottomline: Today I learned the name of one more person I will never hire. Good networking works. Bad networking keeps you unemployed.