Lost virginity and directionless men

Today I learned:

1. Lost virginity: In reflecting on my January 1 post it occurred to me I lost my blog-virginity. Arguably losing blog-virginity feels more nerve-wracking and naked than losing actual virginity. At least with the physical kind you aren’t posting a record of it online for everyone to see and comment. Or at least I wasn’t, but with kids these days, you never know.

2. Directionless men: I actually read the directions. I read them for virtually everything I get that comes with directions.  This fact occurred to me today as I was unpacking a small blender, with only one button and exactly one two steps on operations in the manual. I think I may be decidedly unlike many other men in this area of my life.  I have read my entire D-SLR camera manual cover to cover (and it was eerily the same as the one for my previous camera). I also bought a second book to provide further information on the camera and viewed an instructional DVD. A couple months ago I spent about 2 hours reading the entire 118 page manual for the home network hard drive that I use. I read all the troubleshooting steps at the back too, just in case I have some trouble to shoot down the road.

It gets worse too. I keep a folder on my computer with all the pdf manuals I have amassed, just in case I need to refer back. There are 32 pdfs in the file.

No one else I know seems to do this. Instead they seem to always ask me how things work.  In my family I am considered some sort of tech-whizz and gadget genius. Nope, sorry to burst the bubble. I just read the directions. I think of it as trying to get the most out of everything I buy.  I don’t want to miss out on any features or tips.  It’s either that or I am just really anal.


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