Death of a resolution, and a bookstore

Today I learned:

1. New Year’s Resolutions: It takes about 4 days for the wheels to fall off. This occured to me as I was sitting on the couch questioning my twothings committment while drinking wine, eating chocolate and finishing off my daughter’s grilled cheese sandwich dinner (exactly 4 hours and one partial chew after it was first placed on the table).

2. The last Chapter(s) is near: I was given a book for Christmas that I have already read (the Steve Jobs biography) and today was return day for me at Chapters. I was given a gift card and despite finding plenty of books I would like to read I just couldn’t bring myself to buy anything.


Every book I want is cheaper on And with free shipping it makes zero sense to buy in store. It just feels like I am throwing away money buying instore. I decided to save the gift card for awhile but I know I better act fast. Unless Chapters can navigate what appears to be an attempt to transition to household items, giftware and other generally useless crap they won’t last long.


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